Fusion PRO - x400 COB LED System

Fusion Bright

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- 20w single chip cob high penetration led -

Our Fusion Pro lights use 20-watt single chip COB high penetration full spectrum LEDs that are some of the most powerful LEDs used for growing. They are made by Bridgelux which is the leader in LED technology. Can replace any MH/HPS system.


  • 200W Actual Power Draw
  • 20pcs 20w COB
  • Bridgelux LED's
  • Full Spectrum/UV/IR
  • PPFD 1309umol/1foot - 893umol/3feet
  • 4x4 Lighting area
  • Replaces a 400w MH/HPS Setup
  • CRI 95+ 
  • IP66
  • Size: 350*3365*90mm
  • Input voltage: AC85~265V
  • Output voltage: DC32~45V
  • Weight: 10.5Kg
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 160lm (Lumens Per Watt)
  • Flux lumens 32000lm
  • Meanwell LED Driver
  • 80,000 Hour lifespan
  • All Power Cords included


Fusion Pro x400 is an industrial grow light system made for anyone who is serious about their growing. 

IP66 means you can use this in almost any type of damp or wet environment without risking the damage to your unit. This unit is made to last and take a beating. What makes the Fusion PRO LED system stand out from the competition is the unmatched 160lm/watt rating. This is one of the highest lumens per watt ratings of any system available. What does that mean to you? That means you can grow more with less heat less electricity and it means over the life span of the unit it will give you the best value for your growing dollar without compromising on reliability or results. The Fusion Pro x400 will cover an area up to 4x4 feet and can replace a 400-watt HPS / MH system. The 20-watt single chip LEDs means you get the highest penetration for your plants. Meaning your leaves and stems will be thicker and your buds fatter. No other LED system has anything like it.

Our custom full wide spectrum  (380nm to 850nm) Includes UV and IR wavelengths. This means you get an extremely versatile grow light that is ideal for every stage of growth. From seeding to flowering you have it all in one complete system.

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