Alfred Cage W/Bottom 36" H x 22" W

Alfred Horticulture

- alfred cage w/bottom 36"H x 22" w -

*******Please note this item is for Timmins and area and does not qualify for shipping, orders will be refunded if not in the Timmins area.*********** 


Give your plants the support they need to grow with the Alfred Horticulture cage. Plants that grow inside a cage utilize the sides of the cage to support the stems and need fewer ties. Just place 1 plant inside the cage and guide the stems through as they grow. This Alfred Horticulture cage is ample enough to help keep even the largest plants contained and under control without blocking sunlight or rain, but be sure to keep plants growing tall and off the ground for better air circulation. The large openings make harvesting easy and its galvanized finish makes it reusable season after season. These cages are stackable within each other for easy storage.


Proudly made in Canada, these wire plant cages come with a solid base that can fit our vinyl saucers beneath either plastic or fabric pots to avoid excess watering.

These cages give plants room to develop and will not restrict a plant’s height. Their sturdy construction supports plants from all sides, and can hold up branches laden with fruit or buds.

Dimensions & weight
  • Base: 15"
  • Width bottom: 16.5"
  • Width middle: 19"
  • Width top: 22"
  • Height: 36"
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
***NOTE: This cage is for support only. Do not use it to carry the plant.***

Recommended Rhizopots: 5 Gallon
Recommended saucers: Alfred Vinyl Saucer 14" - Alfred Black Saucer 14"

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