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- Flora Shield 16oz. -


To expand and thrive, plants need more than key nutrients and well-timed lighting — they also require environmental cleanliness. In a freshened setup, they can grow stronger roots, develop more vigorous stems and foliage.

Flora Shield’s distinctive formula can give you the clean start you need, whether you’re flushing equipment or removing residue from roots. The plant and system rinse is designed for multiple stages of growth and can even be used as a foliar spray. Cleaner leaves and stems allow plants to absorb essential elements more fully and transport those compounds down into the root system.

In addition to acting as a rinse formula for hydroponic systems and mature plants, Flora Shield is an ideal solution for giving new plants a strong start.

No matter what growth stage you choose, Flora Shield can improve root cleanliness, resulting in more nourished roots and better plant structure.

Mix Directions:

Seed Application: Soak seeds for 5-10 minutes in mixture (1:100), then rinse with clean water before planting.

Propagation: Cuttings may be dipped or fully immersed in mixture (1:100) for 20-30 seconds, then rinsed with clean water prior to applying cloning gels or rooting powders.

Weekly Treatment: Mix standard 1:100 dilution in a watering can and drench the roots of each plant. This is suitable for hydroponically grown as well as garden grown plants

Hydroponic Reservoir Application: After draining reservoir, add 1 part product to 100 parts of water. Circulate for an hour or two, then add fresh nutrient to the reservoir.

Foliar Application: Lightly spray plants with standard 1:100 dilution. Be sure to mist tops and bottoms of leaves.

Preparation of Rooting Medium: Use standard 1:100 mix to expand compressed coconut fiber.

To Clean Used Media: Soak overnight in standard 1:100 mix, this will clean and prepare media for reuse. This is suitable for clay pebbles, coconut fiber, and rockwool. Do not reuse media that is heavily contaminated or has deteriorated.

*For each gallon of water add approximately 1 oz of flora shield., or for each liter of water add 10 ml of flora shield.


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