Mars II Super Flower Led Grow Light 900

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- MARS II Super flower led grow light 900 -

Our Mars II series lights use 5w-single chip LEDs. All are made by Epistar in Taiwan. All the chips are specially made to ETL standards, which means the highest quality chips are used. This chip makes the light much brighter than any other competitors with higher penetration. Can replace any MH/HPS system.


  • Wattage draw: 364w
  • HID Equivalent: 450w
  • LEDs: Hi-Intensity LEDs; 50, 000 hour lifespan (10+ years if LED lights are on 57% of the time) 
  • 50,000 Hour lifespan (10+ years if the LED lights are on 57% of the time)
  • Spectrum: 440nm, 460nm, 630nm, 660nm, 730nm (IR), 2400K-3000K
  • Lens angle of 90° - 120°
  • No daisy chain
  • Coverage area of  5.5' x 5.5' for bloom
  • Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 3.5"
  • Operating/Input voltage: 85v-265v; Amperage: 3.5 @ 110v/1.8 @ 220v
  • Weight: 19.2 lbs
  • Recommended height above plants: 12" - 30" depending on growth stage
  • Includes power cord and hangers
  • 1 year manufacture's warranty
  • 5w single chip LED's
  • Plug & Play, no additional equipment needed to operate
  • Run's cooler than traditional HID systems 
  • Max coverage: Covers a full 5'x5' to easily replace a 450-watt HPS
  • All Power Cords Included


This is a custom spectrum Mars Super Flower Light. This light is intended for just the bloom and flowering stages of the plant. This is a fixed spectrum light and is one of the best bloom LEDs currently out on the market.

The Mars II 900 is designed to significantly reduce your costs of growing while ensuring maximum growth from your harvests. Perfect for small spaces or as a supplementary light in your indoor garden. Grow your favorite plants all year long.

With a record-breaking 5' x 5' coverage, the Mars 900 can easily replace a 450-watt traditional grow light, produce a superior yield, and higher-quality flowers - all while reducing operational cost by 1/3!

Designed for the bloom / flowering stages of the plant. 

Powerful: Next Generation Epistar™ High-Intensity LED’s

Optics Technology: 5-watt single chip LED 

Plug & Play Device:  No need to purchase additional equipment to operate the unit

Maximum Coverage: Covers a full 5' x 5' to easily replace a 450-watt HPS

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