MARS LED Complete Grow Kit

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- MARS LED Complete Grow Kit -

Our MARS REFLECTOR 96 LED Complete Grow Kit Includes:

  • Your Choice of Grow Light: MARS II 400 LED Grow Light w/ Veg and Bloom switches or Mars REFLECTOR 96 LED Grow light w/ Veg and Bloom switches
  • Both Grow Lights are HID Equivalent: 250w
  • 4" 200CFM Inline fan (OPTIONAL)
  • 4" 189CFM Carbon Filter (OPTIONAL)
  • 4" Ducting (25ft) (OPTIONAL)
  • Fusion Hut 4'x2'x5' 600D Oxford Cloth Mylar Grow Tent
  • Comes with a FREE 1/4oz of Remo Roots cloning gel
  • Free Rope Ratchet 2pk
  • All Power Cords Included

Photosynthetic Action Spectrums

The entire Mars Reflector series has the unique feature of changing the spectral output to best suite your gardens current growth cycle. Below is a representation of the available spectrums for each mode Bloom and Growth.

Bloom Spectrum

Bloom mode is the maximum output the light can produce. Adding in the red spectrums, during bloom, the device delivers a full spectrum output.

Growth Spectrum

Also known as the vegetative stage, this mode primarily focus on white and blue spectrums.

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