Remo Nutrients - Nature's Candy 4L

Remo Nutrients

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- Remo's Nature's candy 4l -

  • Size: 4L
  • N-P-K = 0 - 0 - 0

Promotes and supports beneficial bacteria and fungi development.


    Remo's unique blend of carbohydrates and amino acids is extremely beneficial for all stages of plant development. The multiple sugar varieties help with feeding beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone, while the amino acids help in improving nutrient uptake and micro flora levels. 

    Nature’s Candy contains both black-strap molasses and inverted cane sugar (in addition to 19 amino acids).

    Can be used in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens.

    Directions: (G = 3.78L of water)
    For Vegetative (not needed during veg unless your using soil/microbes)
    Week 1 use 5ml/G
    Week 2 use 6ml/G
    Week 3 use 7ml/G 
    Week 4 use 8ml/G

    For flowering 
    Week 1-4 use 8ml/G
    Week 5-7 use 10ml/G
    Week 8    Discontinue


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    Gotg SOA

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