StepWell Soil Veg Top Dressing 1lbs

Stepwell Soil

- stepwell soil veg top dressing 1lb -

Stepwell Soil Veg top dressing is a highly sustainable blend of organic certified amendments. The ingredients are similar as our bloom top dressing but ratios are made to cater to plants in vegetative stage that require higher amounts of nitrogen. Majority of the amendments in this top dressing can be found  in our SS-W Super Soil, Which makes this top dressing highly compatible with the SS-W. Give your garden an extra boost of nutrients by top dressing this product on your soil.  This product is good for vegetables, flowers, and cannabis


Ingredients: Insect frassfish bone meal, dolomitic lime, wollastonite, basalt rock dust, alfalfa meal, gypsum, kelp, blood meal, potash, humic acid

Directions: Depending on plants/strains, use 1/2 tbs - 1 tbs per gallon of soil once a week. apply on top of the soil and water in. 

If used with our SS-W apply 1/2 a tea spoon per gallon of soil every 2 weeks.

Made in Canada

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